The Instagram Whip

Just like my curry, this is quick and tasty.

An Instagram Audit service to whip and

re-caliberate your Instagram Profile

so you can make posting and showing up on Instagram like confidence is your second nature. 

Right now you may be feeling like stabbing in dark on Instagram and battling with myriad of questions like:

How to convey those stories in bite size that you are meant to be telling on Instagram to lead the customer from being a stranger to client?

How to keep someone engaged and interested in your Instagram?

How do you really help your people when you solve multiple problems for them and how do you permeate your knowledge without bombarding your audience all the time?

Is it preferable to have food, objects or people? Or what sort of colours do you use? Do they have to be in line with the logo? How do you achieve cohesiveness after all? Can you use quotes or not? Do you photograph what you sell and how do you convey what you do?

Using Instagram for your business is just like making a good curry.

You need a good finger lickin’ recipe and ingredients before you start cooking. Otherwise, you will end up with a version that is just a shameful western abomination instead of an ultimate authentic comfort food. 

But still, sometimes spontaneous cooks defy the rules and start. You did the same with your Instagram. You started to adds a pinch of this or a smidge of that. 

They said you “just be yourself” and you began the adventure to finally get “visible” – you started to post everyday, share tid-bits from your life, green smoothies and lattes, some hike in nature to which someone even commented “Nice!”

But some of us can find it hard to recreate those recipes on Instagram. 

You have lots of ideas. They come up as soon as you lie on the bed and begin to post on Instagram, after a long tiring day – and you finally begin to type.

BUT even after 45 minutes of infuriated thinking, writing, deleting and correcting – you still haven’t posted the damn post.

You begin all over again. Because what you wrote makes you cringe.

You are not even sure if this photo is the right one or not. Then what can you really say about this photo? You are now exhausted, hungry and ready to lie down and find the comfort of a cozy camp.


And there are more questions niggling at you and a gnawing feeling like something is not working and wondering why your Instagram presence doesn’t reflect who you really are.

That’s exactly this service is for.


To spot the gaps, diagnose what’s working in your Instagram recipe and what’s not. And discover specific ways on how you can fix it. 

So that showing up with confidence on Instagram becomes your second nature


This will help:

Wellness experts, Holistic healers, Holistic experts, Coaches and consultants –  who want to make Instagram work for their business but hear the internal cries of “Oh gosh, I really don’t know what I am doing here. I just want someone to look at it and tell me what I need to fix.”

You are simply shooting in the dark with your Instagram posting day in and out hoping it would magically convert into sale one day. 

You have an intuition that something might not be working with your Instagram account and you are simply wasting your time. 

You feel extremely clueless and out of your depth. 

Like only young people are bonafide owners of Instagram playground and can talk the language and know what content stimulates people on Instagram. 

You may feel like failing at it and know you are capable of learning and adapting – only if your questions got answered. 

Or you might have some questions you want to get answered by an expert and hone in how you can tell your story better?


What do you get?

In short : Fierce Confidence to show up on Instagram knowing what’s working and what is not because some wise person said ‘Clarity is Power’.


The Instagram Whip Package includes:

  • 1x 75 minute call (via Zoom or Skype)
  • Pre- session work book to maximise our time together.
  • Comprehensive notes after our session with 3 top things to fix on your account and my secondary custom recommendations – so you know exactly what to work on for the wins straightaway.
  • Recording of the call so you can have it a tool to refer to anytime after our call.
  • Tasks and Exercise (worksheets if applicable) to get you doing the work after our call instead of getting lost in the google vortex.



Investment : $99 AUD


Before I started to work with Neha, I was frustrated because I didn’t know how to target my marketing or reach my target group or even who I should be targeting. I have a much clear understanding of how to identify who I need to market to and how to reach them.

I feel so much more confident in this process which has given me more energy and enthusiasm for marketing what I do. Neha is so warm and positive. She made me feel at ease with not knowing what I am doing.

She is very clear as well as natural in the ways she shares information and advice. This made me feel like I was working with a collaborator rather than a remote professional and made it so easy to understand her direction.

She also knows her stuff which leaves me feeling confident. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Neha. She is on your side – that’s how it feels to me – in a very natural and warm way. 

Marg Coutts

Art Therapist

Stop shooting in the dark and get an expert eyes on your Instagram.