Neha Awasthi
10 September 2019

I was nine when I read my first Chacha Chaudhary comic for the first time. The word chacha means uncle. It was a comic Indian comic book character, created by cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma.

Chacha Chaudhary was a character inspired by elderly people in Indian villages help and solve problems by their elderly experience for everyone.
I remember taking them out only when I was sure my mum was asleep. She’d say Comics have ruined your mind. Because I was so obsessed with them that every time we’d go shopping, I’d want those comics instead of a dress. Old second-hand purchases, some brand new ones, I cherished them a lot.

I still remember his name and some episodes, what he looked like. I look for the old copies that I could get my hands on and may be when I spot them I will probably put them up on my wall in my house as a reminder of my childhood memories.

Those comics have a deep emotional connection in my mind. And I still remember them. Those comic stand out in my mind even decades later. As a business owner, we want the same place in our customers’ minds. We want them to remember us after decades. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that standing out is a mysterious act of a few bona-fide adults.

I call it S-Factor. 

Superficial factor. The reason most people don’t stand out is because their online presence is superficial. 

The purpose of your social media, website and content is to show who you are but when all your people get to see is the business and not the person who runs that business – they find it hard to connect. 

I see this on Instagram all the time when people dish out boring and bland smoothie photos that say only one thing – that you are a selfish person who is always busy showing off – I can promise you that they are not paying any attention. In fact you are training them to ignore you. 

Our brains remember two types of things: one that we repeat over some time and something we have a strong emotional connection with. This part of our brain is usually very busy so it’s selective in what it remembers. 

Here is a reminder: That there are humans on the other side of the table. 

Another reminder: They are humans with feelings, emotions and busy hippocampus.

They need to feel a connection with us. So while we are focussed on standing out – maybe we should focus on Connection instead. 

Because then we give them a reason to look at us and choose us from 564532 other Naturopaths, Designers and Photographers. 

Most businesses start with what they can sell. Their product. Their service. And no one cares about that. 

People care about what those things can mean for them. So the first question businesses need to answer more than what they are selling – is who THEY are. 

When you know the answer to this – it becomes easy to communicate that. 

What you will tolerate. What you will not tolerate. 

And work on amplifying that in your marketing.


Because anyone can sell what you are selling but the key to standing out is inspiring others to rally up with you and make it matter.