Neha Awasthi
2 September 2019

In India, there is a popular brand of biscuits – Parle G. I grew up eating Parle G biscuits. Anytime I go to my local Indian grocery store here in Australia, and I spot the pale yellow packs with a cartoon of a girl in red – I hold them in my hands like a delicate piece of art and admire them for a few seconds. It brings a deep feeling nostalgia. It makes me feel closer to home.

Indian guy humming punjabi songs standing in the aisle, looks and smiles at me. I know he can relate with what I am feeling in that moment.

Parle G is a brand of simple biscuits I grew up eating in India. They are plain, rectangle biscuits, made of flour and sugar. Their design and packaging hasn’t changed much over all these decades. It’s still retro. The same pale yellow.

It makes me think of numerous times I have dunk those biscuits in my masala chai. 

Feelings are powerful.

Feelings bring memories. Memories entrenched in our subconscious. They help us to think of the place or person related to those things again. They keep reminding us of those specific people over and over again.
Your Instagram has to do the same thing.

Evoke feelings in your customers. When we post on Instagram regularly, it helps to keep you on top of mind of your potential customers, build a deep relationship with them that helps them to experience your brand in a certain way. It helps to tell a story of your brand and business and what you are about. It helps to deepen the relationship of strangers and slowly over time, if done properly, can create a deep connection with your audience.


Instagram helps to tell a story of your brand and business and what you are about.

How does it correlate to sales in your business? 

People have to feel a certain level of comfort and know and like a brand they want to buy from. We have become savvy with how we spend our money. We want to give money to the brands and companies who are a value-match to us. We have a lot of choice to buy services and products from in the market.

So why someone would bu from you?

Especially if it’s not a everyday commodity like chips or socks that they truly need in a civilised society.

To create that sense of know, like and trust, we must work intentionally on creating an image around our business product, or service that can attract the ‘right’ people to our business and us.

A strong emotional resonance may not directly lead to sales but it eliminates a lot of common problems before they occur in the sales process. It helps to create a factor of familiarity in your audience which means you may not have to work too hard in communicating who you are or try to convince them or persuade them with hard sales tactics.

How does Instagram help you create know, like and trust?

64% of consumers report that their relationship with a brand is tied to shared values.

So when you help your customers understand your shared values and tell stories based on that, it propels your trust-worthiness and helps them to understand you better. It helps them to make a decision if they want to stick around or not. If they want to do business with you or not.

With use of the right visuals that communicate your personality, values and vibe – you can communicate within seconds who you are, and what kind of person you are. It helps your audiecne to make the decision quickly, if they want to stay around and interact with you more or not.

Over time, when you do it consistently, it helps to reinforce your identity and it creates trust in your audience’s minds. The beauty of Instagram is that it helps you to do it slowly, organically without being pushy or boasting. This is one of the reasons I love Visual storytelling method and creating stories around a personal brand or service to help communicate that and create resonance.

Instagram is a powerful tool, free to use, where you can create a unique place for customers to gather and interact with you on a more personal level. Instagram being a visual platform helps you to create a vibe that communicates in an instant who you are and what it would be like to interact with your brand. Which are two important factors in creating know, like and trust factor in your potential customers’ minds to help them decide if they’d like to take the next step with you in future.


When there are hundreds of brands of biscuits lying on the aisles in a supermarket – all made of sugar and flour, more or less – the factors I rely on choosing which ones I will money for, come down to who I am most familiar with, which brand I love the most, relate with most.

As a customer, I will go for the products that help me feel the same feelings of nostalgia that I crave for. the brands that make me feel being closer to home – consistently.