Pull At The Heartstrings On Instagram


A 6-week revolutionary one on one Instagram Coaching Service to unburden all that you may have been holding in or obsessing about for years about Instagram


During this period, we make Instagram your best weapon to attract, captivate your best clients and get them to see who you truly are – that is . more . than. a. hum-drum. dry. business. out .there. to sell. it.to them.

Your Instagram may be looking like a mish-mash of travel photos and cat photos right now. Because let’s be honest, Instagram that looks like a 5 year old did a graffiti on the wall, doesn’t make you look like legit business owner.

Instead of your customers connecting with who you are and what your full-of-warrior-moments story – your clients might think “Hmm…Not too sure about this one.” And you watch them painfully scroll away. 

You start thinking about stock photos – they might help?  But really, stock photos are for the run-of-mill people, not for those who have a story to tell. Your life isn’t a series of free stock photos that look like “just another coach or expert”.

Nor it is a string of meaningless frivolous captions that scream “Look at my awesome life”


So why should your Instagram look like that? By now you must have realised that you and I know that you ARE a legit professional but if your Instagram presence (sadly) doesn’t match that – you are hurting your business and reputation.

Or simply attracting bad fit clients who can’t pay you. 


It’s almost like that invisible nitrogen that you inhale without knowing it’s causing some serious damage to your lungs. 


Better Instagram means Better Clients.

Which means you can charge what you are worth and clients keep coming back for more.

But you are smart to know that it doesn’t happen by chance.


Instagram that tells the right story to get your clients to trust you is – always intentionally designed. 

You are…


You are ready to attract the right customers without having to try to “lure” people in with cheap tricks, deals or questioning your rates. 

You have finally realised that building a community is the best way to create a sustainable business. To do that, your inside has to match the outside. But right now, they look like two poles apart.

You’re worried that you don’t stand out in the crowded market but you are not sure of what to do about it. 

You are getting anxiety pangs every time you think of posting something on Instagram.

Or think your photos are not professional enough. They are dead-boring. And so are your captions.

You are just tired of “throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” approach

Your feed is a mish mash of a 4 year old drawing scribbles and some late night wine moments. And you know – that’s no good.

You think you make it all about you. But your generous heart and smart mind doesn’t know how to make it about THEM.

It feels all so complicated and jumbled up, that you end up taking advice from your son’s girlfriend. Unfortunatley, she is a 18 year old trying to sort out her own life. And is certainly not a business owner.

You worry that where to draw the line in sharing personal stories without looking like a naive person who doesn’t know what she is doing.


 Say Hello to

Pull At The Heartstrings on Instagram

6 week personalised one on one program

A custom transformative 1-1 Instagram coaching program using my foolproof formula to take you from hiding and feeling shame around your Instagram to feeling like a confident Instagram superstar.

Together, we create a compelling Instagram presence (NOT just pretty photos) that does the selling for you a.k.a. beauty with the brains.

We create a custom strategy to turn your idiosyncrasies into your super powers. We develop full methodology on how to attract your best clients and turn them into customers. 

A magnetic presence that pull at the heartstring of your potential clients who become your raving fans and buy from you. 


So, who is it for?

For wellness experts, holistic practitioners, therapists, creative business owners and those who are tired of fumbling and guessing and finally want to have a beautiful Instagram presence that represent them to build their community ‘properly’. 

For those who are fuelled by the desire to stand out and make a deep connection with their audience, because they didn’t just start the business to pose like Brittany Spears and grin, or show off their pointy heels. And post their favourite meal of the day on Instagram – and call it – Marketing.

Instead, this is for those who have gone through the pains of life. Who have committed to being bigger, being more, being smarter, being more ‘different’, being more themselves, more hungry.

Because you know what it has taken to come this far.

And now you want to express it wholeheartedly. Not in some pretty photo – but a meaningful STORY.


I am so thrilled to have worked with her that I have already recommended her to others as she really do have an intimate knowledge of Instagram. 

I was hesitant to work with Neha at first because I didn’t know if she had any experience or knowledge of marketing and what I could expect from working with her. But I was so surprised by her professional and caring approach. Neha communicates so well, checked up on me, provided assistance when needed and patience when I didn’t understand things first time.

Neha is personable, kind, clever and very considerate. After working with Neha, my understanding of instagram and how to use it has improved immensely. As she has taught me how to use instagram for business and after working with her, Instagram now feels much easier to use and engage with my followers and create a community.

I am so thrilled to have worked with her that I have already recommended her to others as she really do have an intimate knowledge of Instagram as well as a background in marketing. She’s such a pleasure to work with as she has made an effort to understand me as a person, my business and what is important to me in order to better help me.  I am especially thankful to her for encouraging me to express my creative side when taking photos for my feed and creating content. I feel like a legit and proud business owner on Instagram. 

Melisa Byrne


How does it work?

Step 1. Taster : 30-minutes Chat

We meet over Zoom and suss each other out and to determine if this is the right service for you and if we are good fit for each other. So that we can make a move with full confidence.

Step 2. Mixer : In depth Pre-sessions Questionairre + 1.5 hr session

So that we are prepared with all the ingredients to create the best mixer for your Instagram – you will fill out my in depth workbook so that we are well prepared for the sessions together.  We’ll map out the foundations of Marketing and consolidate things like your Target market, Your Creative Twist and your market’s Mental Cravings.

Step 3. Shaker sessions : 6 x 60 minutes Zoom Calls (over 6 weeks)

Over 6 weeks we will learn and execute:

Anatomy of a not-just-pretty but a hypnotic feed that sells YOU to them.

How to craft unignorable and unique visual story of your business,  that makes you stand out in your super crowded market.

How to own your idiosyncrasies and quirks and turn them into your biggest superpowers that inspire instant trust & authority.

Create Visuals and Stories that satisfy mental cravings of your clients and gets them to say “Where were you all my life?”

How to create an instant connection and bond with your readers with your content to create but also establish you ‘the only choice’ to buy from.

How to match visuals and content and my unique formula to combine the two to position you as a subject matter expert using powerful storytelling techniques.

And much more. 


Step 4. Garnish: Unlimited Email access

So that you never feel on your own and feel fully supported throughout. Creative work can be daunting and nerve wrecking – I want to make sure you always have someone to bounce off your ideas with and an expert to ask questions to or simply validate your thinking. 

Step 5. Serve: End Result + Sweet Extras

Before each session, you have a choice to send in your creations and you will get a recording of  my personalised feedback on your photography, captions which we will also go over during our sessions. That way you will always have the recordings to refer back to in future. 

The end result is that you FINALLY represent you as a legit business owner in the little squares of Instagram.  A hypnotic presence that instils Trust in your clients, makes you THE ONLY CHOICE in their minds, and a magnetic presence that makes them ogle at your account and hit follow.

And elevate (or for the first time, create) your brand so you’re attracting the people you love working with and at a price point that makes you feel like a ‘proper business’. 

More importantly. Unlike the old days, now you can feel the vigour of standing out online by being truly yourself.

How do I buy this service?


Investment : $997 AUD

Payment plans available. 

Before I started to work with Neha, I was frustrated because I didn’t know how to target my marketing or reach my target group or even who I should be targeting. I have a much clear understanding of how to identify who I need to market to and how to reach them.

I feel so much more confident in this process which has given me more energy and enthusiasm for marketing what I do. Neha is so warm and positive. She made me feel at ease with not knowing what I am doing.

She is very clear as well as natural in the ways she shares information and advice. This made me feel like I was working with a collaborator rather than a remote professional and made it so easy to understand her direction.

She also knows her stuff which leaves me feeling confident. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Neha. She is on your side – that’s how it feels to me – in a very natural and warm way. 

Marg Coutts

Art Therapist

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