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Working the bravery muscle.
Working the bravery muscle.

Neha Awasthi26 January 2020 There is one thing I like about believing in the idea of god. When you can't explain something, you can dump it on him. You can resort and make peace with the idea that he came lumbering down and aborted the whole operation. Or he set the...

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I’m Neha Awasthi.

Instagram & Marketing Coach. Artist at heart. Immigrant. This is a place where I talk about Business, Marketing, Instagram Creativity – above all – finally, becoming yourself.

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They think you are crazy. Crazy enough to start this journey on the dusty tracks of freedom. To throw yourself into creating something from nothing. Some call it business. You call it Freedom. They say “This is a ridiculous plan. It will be exhausting.” You say “Some of us find normal …quite exhausting.”

You started the trek the dead centre of a seed of a crazy idea and now you know it will lead to the glorious ending of freedom and fulfilment. The winding road will be full of awkward, stumbling, messy points along the way. And very few people will be able to appreciate the beauty of trekking through this utterly barren land. That’s ok. As long as some people do. 

I am one of those crazy adventurers too. Because I see your fire, and the daredevil inside you. I see that person who refuses to shrink and valiantly pursues the calling of her heart. I do too.

So join me, and others who scream that failure is normal, pursuit of purpose is liberating and dusty tracks are exciting.

I think we’d have a great time sharing our journeys, exchanging maps, sipping some tea around the fierce campfire of ambitious talks along The Dusty Tracks


“The Dusty Tracks” 

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