What if your clients came to you – instead of you desperately searching for them?  

Are you losing your most precious resources – your time and energy – in looking for the next customer all the time?

Does it feel like you are spending the days chasing your own tail in business? Why do clients say they need your services but never come back for more? Is it preventing you from achieving things you actually hoped from your business?

You have been in business long enough to realise that looking for new customers all the time is hard work.  Do you know how to connect with the right customers and sell your products and services – without shouting “buy from me” all the time?  

Should you use some sleazy and icky Marketing tactics that make you feel like a monster?

It’s not about hard sell or pressure tactics.  Instead, it is about making deep connection with your audience and becoming unforgettable and distinguishable in your customers’ minds. This is what gets them to come back to you, instead of you chasing them down all the time?

The key is to understand your customer and connect with them at a deeper and emotional level, so they not only remember you but think of you as the ‘only choice’

But often businesses get lost in the question of :

How do you do that – without doing anything that feels “sleazy” “icky” or “gross”?


I help you do just that. 

Elegantly. Smartly.

And with a little bit of satire, may be. 

I use Strategic Storytelling and Instagram Marketing as my secret weapon to create a presence that positions you as a superstar in their minds and hearts. So they fall into love with who you are – without ever knowing why. 

Let me ask you something – think of all the special objects in your life. I bet they are special to you because of the way they make you feel. They are the symbols of your identity. And your customers are the same.

Human brains haven’t changed for centuries. We buy based on our emotions. Once you understand how your customers’ brain works you will be able to glide through them easily. 




But how is this going to help your business? Isn’t all this just fluff?

To answer this, I’d act really smart and pick another smart person’s quote what Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman says – “Consumers aren’t truthful about their purchasing thoughts and feelings and a big reason is that they are driven by unconscious urges, the biggest of which is emotion.”

So emotions drives our purchasing decisions. If you are not connecting with your customers’ emotions – it’s hard to keep them coming back. 

And why would I share all that information for free?

It’s not ALWAYS free. I have paid offerings that you can purchase too. But if you learn and take a step further in your business, life with my free stuff, it helps me to live my purpose. I have spent a fair share of my time with dubious marketers and people pretending to be making “passive income” when they are constantly working, or the false idea of sipping mojito on a beach somewhere. I think you probably have too. 

So, I want to bring you the real stuff, simplify complex marketing ideas so that you can use them straightaway in your business. And make progress.

Just like you, I am also trying to make a little dent in the universe through my work and create a life of meaning and purpose.

That transcends into a community of more empowered women doing what they love and living life – unapologetically. And I consider that as my rent paid to live on this earth. 

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I was hesitant in signing up with Neha, because I didn’t know her specialty was in Instagram Storytelling and I wasn’t sure of the clear outcomes from working with her. But I was so glad to have experienced her Professional approach and effective communication. And her extra care in checking up on me and providing assistance when I needed and her patience when I didn’t understand things the first time. She’s so personable, kind, clever and very considerate. Melisa Byrne


I wasn’t sure if someone could capture my dynamic personality and put it in words. But Neha did such a great job.

I am amazed at how she captured my personality in words for my About page. I’d highly recommend working with her.

Vasavi Kumar

Coach. Therapist

Before I signed up for the session to work with Neha, I was frustrated because I didn’t know how to target my marketing or reach my target group or even who I should be targeting.

I feel so much more confident in this process which has given me more energy and enthusiasm for marketing what I do.

She also knows her stuff which leaves me feeling confident. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Neha. She is on your side – that’s how it feels to me – in a very natural and warm way. “

Marg Coutts

Art Therapist

Most workshops are full of hype and hard sell, which I found hard to get myself to understand or connect at a human level. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Neha’s workshop, and to be honest expected very little. But I was blown away by the value Neha delivered. 
You could see that she is sincere and genuinely cares about your success.  She is a very confident presenter and knows her stuff. She answered everyone’s questions with detail.

Cathie Seal

Home Agency Owner

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What to share on Social Media during a global crisis? (And how to do it sensitively!)

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They think you are crazy. Crazy enough to start this journey on the dusty tracks of freedom. To throw yourself into creating something from nothing. Some call it business. You call it Freedom. They say “This is a ridiculous plan. It will be exhausting.” You say “Some of us find normal …quite exhausting.”

You started the trek the dead centre of a seed of a crazy idea and now you know it will lead to the glorious ending of freedom and fulfilment. The winding road will be full of awkward, stumbling, messy points along the way. And very few people will be able to appreciate the beauty of trekking through this utterly barren land. That’s ok. As long as some people do. 

I am one of those crazy adventurers too. Because I see your fire, and the daredevil inside you. I see that person who refuses to shrink and valiantly pursues the calling of her heart.

So join me, and others who scream that failure is normal, pursuit of purpose is liberating and dusty tracks are exciting.

I think we’d have a great time sharing our journeys, exchanging maps, sipping some tea around the fierce campfire of ambitious talks along The Dusty Tracks


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