I help businesswomen UNMUTE their superpowers and use them to create HIGH PAYING LEADS in their businesses – WITHOUT the paid ads or being a sales bulldog.




Boldness, a fierce desire to be a trailblazer, distilled wisdom, smartness packed in a bottle called YOU. I help you release the cork, crack open and discover your superpowers to create the stream of clients you dream of in your business. So that you can BLAZE YOUR TRAIL and finally, be heard.


I believe to sell without selling you have to master the dark art and curious science of understanding the unconscious desires of your potential clients. 



I bet you have been tempted to buy a pretty bottle of fragrance before that you happily shelled out $50 more. Amiright? WHy? because humans are irrational. you don’t have to reason with people for them to buy – you have to influence them. inspire them. care for them.

like reallyyyyy! 


I teach you how to do that in your business with



turn your burning pain of having PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY LIKE YOU   – into buzzing pleasure of clients lining up to work with you…….

all while remaining sober and sane.


You’re a rare blend of driven, strategic, competitive, and tirelessly encouraging. You approach life and business with intensity, wanting to squeeze out the most juice that you possibly can.

Just like a perfect curry has spices in balance, you have hot suave and cool carefree in perfect mix. 

You are both adventurous and habitual – calculated but not without a dose of the unexpected. You thrive on stories and genuine conversation.

The notions of shared humanity, meaning, and purpose behind whatever you do – are what ground you.

You’re as complex and refined just as my perfect curry blend. Right now, you may be spending time in a looking for a lot of tactics, hacks but it all feels like an undone cabled shawl in a tangled mess. You have been told a series of rules and they all feel inauthentic like someone has poured poison in a glass of clean water. So, how can you mix authenticity with a well thought out plan that will get you where you want to go? 

 You have come to the right place! 


About Me

I am Neha.

I will spare you pronouncing my tongue twister surname which is – Awasthi. You can try and tell me how you go! 😉

East meets west. Creative and Strategic. Warm and Bold. Insightful and practical. If Buddha and Freud had a love child, that’d have been me. I can be defined as where the “duality” makes love. 

From exhilarating glass office in a high rise window, wearing high heels and pencil skirts, building and rolling out multi million dollar national marketing campaigns to being a mom, changing diapers, sleepless nights (not because of wine!) – my life took a sudden turn. No. It halted like someone slammed hard on the brakes. screeeeeeccchhhh…!

As much I loved being a mother, it wasn’t the only thing I wanted to do. I had a mission, dormant desires, talent to be unleashed, and I wanted it all. I mean…why not? It is a result of a patriarchal society structure that we women have to choose between being a mum or an entrepreneur. I wanted both. So, I created this business. 








What My Clients Say





I was hesitant in signing up with Neha, because I didn’t know her specialty was in Instagram Storytelling and I wasn’t sure of the clear outcomes from working with her. But I was so glad to have experienced her Professional approach and effective communication. And her extra care in checking up on me and providing assistance when I needed and her patience when I didn’t understand things the first time. She’s so personable, kind, clever and very considerate. Melisa Byrne


I wasn’t sure if someone could capture my dynamic personality and put it in words. But Neha did such a great job.

I am amazed at how she captured my personality in words for my About page. I’d highly recommend working with her.

Vasavi Kumar

Coach. Therapist

Before I signed up for the session to work with Neha, I was frustrated because I didn’t know how to target my marketing or reach my target group or even who I should be targeting.

I feel so much more confident in this process which has given me more energy and enthusiasm for marketing what I do.

She also knows her stuff which leaves me feeling confident. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Neha. She is on your side – that’s how it feels to me – in a very natural and warm way. “

Marg Coutts

Art Therapist

Most workshops are full of hype and hard sell, which I found hard to get myself to understand or connect at a human level. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Neha’s workshop, and to be honest expected very little. But I was blown away by the value Neha delivered. 
You could see that she is sincere and genuinely cares about your success.  She is a very confident presenter and knows her stuff. She answered everyone’s questions with detail.

Cathie Seal

Home Agency Owner


We are a match like Turmeric is to a Curry if…..


You are an overachiever, have huge goals for your future, and you are ready to find the support you need to make your dreams come true. You are no longer for ‘magic tricks’ (Spoiler alert: there are none!). You want to create a life on your own terms. Just need the right strategies to get clients and grow your business.

You have come to the right place.