For 15 years or so I  allowed my weight to overshadow my true self and let my inner critic run wild. I stopped dreaming, being creative and completely forgot who I actually was and where was I going in life.

I sat in a Marketing department’s cubicle and had shit loads of coffee and donuts. Well, needless to say I created a body that I didn’t like at all. Then I would start looking for my “how to lsoe 5 kilos fast” and keep looking. Just looking.

Then May be one day I would eat well and exercise and feel like my gosh, I have got this under control. But next day, I’d binge again. It felt like a long rollercoaster where I would gain 4 kg ( I think kilos, I am in Australia !)  and lose 2 kg and constantly think of ways of doing it again. Only to feel like a failure and I repeated this cycle over and over again.

Until …one day I decided not to fall into the trap of any diet Everr !! again and create my happy body on my own terms. Whollaa….I started making shifts, changed my thinking,  life, mind and synergised my soul, aligned my body with my values and the weight started to come off easily. I lost 25 kg and feel strong, liberated, calm and free. 

If you were anything like me, you’d know how it feels to deprive yourself from shining brightly and living boldly !!! And I know you know ….it is not a fun place to be in.

So I gathered all the wisdom from my ” Beautiful East meets Savvy West” life,  learned and applied from my own heritage and discoveries.

From my own experiences, I have created a unique set of Tools and Training blending intellectual rigor and intuitive wisdom for weight loss that gives Real results and more importantly, Empowers you for Life so that you can Create an Ideal Body Around your Lifestyle, Identify the missing parts of this puzzle and finally Learn to Live in your Body with Radical Joy, Peace and Freedom. 

Because there are more important things in life to do : Like to actually Live it. 

What’s coming your way : 

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 ” 7 Blocks stopping you from Losing Weight and How to Conquer Them “

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